Batch Processing

BatchProcessing can be enabled via Options in the Pol-Analyzer interface.


Batch Processing only allows certain parameters that are Batch Processable. System parameters that are Batch Processable are Background, Image-Path mirror and Black Level. Mode-Plugin Batch Processable parameters depend on the Mode-Plugin itself, for example in Birefringence Retardance Ceiling and Orientation Reference can be used in Batch Processing. Once selected by enabling their checkbox, those values and/or selections will be applied to all the datasets that have been selected for Processing.

Batch Processing is also Mode-Plugin specific and will skip any dataset which is not of the selected type irrespective of being selected.

Batch Processing also allows using Pre/Post Plugins that support batch mode. Unsupported plugins are hidden automatically when Batch mode has been enabled.

Once Batch Processing is enabled the following tab is visible with appropriate selections. Also, the Process button will display text accordingly.


Select the parameters that need to be applied.

WARNING!: Be careful when selecting the Background option since it might be quite possible different datasets in the Session use different Background.


Once selection is made Batch Processing can be performed. At least one parameter needs to be selected for Batch Processing except in the case where Pre/Post Processing plugin is selected.


If no parameter is selected with Pre/Post Processing Mode-Plugin processing is automatically disabled and the software performs a Batch-Walking. This method is useful to create ColorMap for the complete Session using the ColorMap Post-Processing plugin.


The progress can be monitored by the progress bar which shows the total progress and will also indicate processing for each dataset as text output. All datasets that have been completed will get unchecked in selection. Datasets which are of different type if were selected will remain selected to show they were skipped.

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