Abrahamsson, Sara

Leon Levy Fellow,
Laboratory of Cori Bargmann, HHMI
The Rockefeller University, New York, New York

Research Interests

Multifocus microscopy (MFM) is an optical technique that simplifies 3D imaging of quickly moving samples by modifying a regular fluorescence microscope. Instead of the regular 2D image, it creates an instant 3D image of nine focal planes. I am spending the summer of 2013 as a Whitman Investigator at the MBL implementing an imaging system which combines the OpenPolScope with MFM. This imaging system is intended for 3D polarization imaging of living cells and tissues.

Optical systems design applied to advancing the field of microscopy. Developing new microscopy techniques, including 3D and super-resolution imaging techniques. Building novel types of research microscopes and applying them biological imaging to answer biological research questions. Special interest in the instantaneous acquisition of 3D data, and how to best explore the information available in the light field emitted from the biological sample. Current academic focus is approaching this problem by exploring thepossibilities of Fourier optics and the unique capabilities of diffractive optical elements applied to fluorescence microscopy.

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