This page provides links to documentation for OpenPolScope software, either as downloadable PDF file or as htm link. Some of the documentation is distributed with the software and is accessible via the Help menu of the installed OpenPolScope software. In addition, this page provides Tips & Tricks of the image processing trade.

OpenPolScope Protocols

  • In a forthcoming article in "Current Protocols", we describe the use of the OpenPolScope software to image and measure polarized fluorescence of labeled cell structures. The following link opens the page that identifies the software versions used when the article was prepared:
  • Polarized Fluorescence Microscopy to Study Cytoskeleton Assembly and Organization in live cells. (Molly McQuilken et al., 2014)

  • OpenPolScope Instrumentation

  • Polarization microscopy with the LC-PolScope

    A start up guide for Polarization Microscopy terms and techniques Click Here

  • OpenPolScope Software: Acquisition & Processing

  • Pol-Acquisition Manual

    Pol-Acquisition Software Manual Click Here
    Pol-Acquisition using Filter-Wheel instead of Liquid Crystal Click Here

  • Pol-Analyzer Manual

    Pol-Analyzer Software Manual Click Here

  • OpenPolScope Software: Tools

  • Abrio File Opener

    Abrio File Opener Manual Click Here

  • Orientation Lines

    Orientation Lines Manual Click Here

  • OpenPolScope Software: Sub Plugins (Pre/Post Processing)

  • ColorMap

    ColorMap OpenPolScope Manual Click Here

  • Ratioing

    Ratioing OpenPolScope Manual Click Here

  • ImagejMacro

    ImagejMacro OpenPolScope Manual Click Here

  • MatlabDemoPlugin

    MatlabDemoPlugin OpenPolScope Manual Click Here

  • OpenPolScope Software: Tips & Tricks

  • Export Micro-Manager metadata and more

    How to export Micro-Manager Metadata to an Excel spreadsheet Click Here

  • Export Orientation Lines

    How to export Orientation Lines (Anglular information) to an Excel spreadsheet Click Here

  • Combining OpenPolScope Acquisition with other modalities

    How to combine and Acquire other modalities (Brightfield, Darkfield, Fluorescence, etc.) along with PolScope data Click Here

  • Batch Processing

    How to Process multiple datasets in a Session at the same time using the same parameters Click Here

  • Re-Ordering Processing Plugins

    How to Re-Order the sequence of Pre/Post Processing Plugins Click Here

  • OpenPolScope Software: External Control

  • MatLab

    Controlling LC Device via Micro-Manager from your Matlab environment Click Here

  • Python

    Controlling LC Device via Micro-Manager from your Python environment Click Here

  • Other Software Environment

    Controlling LC Device via Micro-Manager from Other Software environment Click Here

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