The following article in "Current Protocols", we describe the use of the OpenPolScope software to image and measure polarized fluorescence of labeled cell structures. The following link opens the page that identifies the software versions used when the article was prepared:

Polarized Fluorescence Microscopy to Study Cytoskeleton Assembly and Organization in live cells. (Molly McQuilken et al., 2014)

OpenPolScope Demo Installer

A light weight OpenPolScope installer that works with Micro-Manager, Fiji or ImageJ without the need of any associated hardware and contains sample datasets of live and crystalline samples. These datasets can be viewed and re-processed to give a hands on feel. The download page includes a step by step installation guide.
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OpenPolScope Installer

The complete installation package for the OpenPolScope software including a step by step installation guide. Supports OpenPolScope Hardware Kit, CRi/PE LC-PolScope, Abrio and other legacy LC-PolScope based systems.
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Additional Sample Datasets

A few example datasets can be installed via the above Installer. Additional example datasets can be downloaded from this page.
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Other Related Softwares

This page contains a list of other useful plugins and softwares that may be handy for your imaginig requirements.
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LC Drivers

VariLC - Download page

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