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To serve your needs better with an OpenPolScope Hardware Kit and/or Service(s) we provide, we request the following information. We will get back to you shortly once we have received this information. * denotes required fields.

  • Current Hardware:

  • eg. Nikon TiU, inverted with HMC (manufacturer, model, custom components?, photo(s) of your setup will be very helpful)

  • Support files can include microscope setup photos, schematics, publications, etc.

  • eg. TI-DS Diascopic Illuminiation Pillar 30W, TI-DH Diascopic Illumination Pilar 100W Objective lens, CF160, we use 20X and 40X, sometimes we use 60X and 100X (oil immersion).(objective lens magnification and NA, condenser lens NA, if applicable)

  • The Birefringence mode includes option to incorporate Polarized Fluorescence and Diattenuation at a later stage. The Polarized Fluorescence and Diattenuation mode are non-inclusive of Birefringence. Please let us know if you are interested in incorporating Birefringence at a later stage.

  • Please try to be as descriptive as possible for the Intended Application(s) for us to understand and be able to recommend the best solution. Include any questions you might have.

  • / / Pick a date.

    Please allow 6 – 12 weeks ARO for delivery. If you require it sooner please select a date and we will try to see if that is feasible.

  • Please let us know what specific information you are interested to know that is not covered on the website. Also, if requesting information on Service(s) please let us know what custom software development/support you are looking for. Please use Section 19 for this and any other questions.

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  • If you are unable to submit the online form, please download the Word file and send it via email.

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