OpenPolScope Hardware Kit

OpenPolScope Hardware Kit
The Hardware Kit available from the OpenPolScope Resource includes:
  1. Liquid Crystal Universal compensator (22mm or 30mm clear aperture, operating wavelength between 450 and 700 nm)
  2. Electronic controller for LC compensator
  3. Interference filter (default provided is ~546nm, can be substituted for another upon request)
  4. Achromatic Circular Polarizer (425nm - 700nm)
  5. Microscope adapter (based on the microscope, this might need custom development)
  6. Included with the OpenPolScope Hardware Kit is Basic support, which includes 1 year online remote training, technical and software support.

Required hardware components for all modes: Wide-field microscope stand (for best results use strain-free objective and condenser optics); Digital camera supported by Micro-Manager 1.4.22 software (legacy ver. 1.4.15 also suppported); Computer with Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit with minimum 4GB RAM recommended), and Micro-Manager 1.4.22 (with ImageJ) installed. For compatible devices, see: www.micro-manager.org.

We strongly recommend reading the article Polarization microscopy with the LC-PolScope, which covers many important aspects about configuring and operating LC-PolScope instrumentation, including the OpenPolScope Hardware Kit.

To request further information or a quote for the OpenPolScope Hardware Kit or Services, please use the following form:
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Products available on OpenPolScope.org complement commercial products using LC-PolScope technology that was developed and patented by the Marine Biological Laboratory and licensed to Cambridge Research and Instrumentation (CRi), Inc., now part of PerkinElmer. The Oosight™ product line, which uses LC-PolScope Technology, was acquired by Hamilton Thorne, Inc.

For instrumentation available from PerkinElmer, click here.
For instrumentation available from Hamilton Thorne, Inc., click here.
OpenPolScope can support legacy hardware from CRi.

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