OpenPolScope Demo Installer

The OpenPolScope Demo Installer will install OpenPolScope software which is built as a Micro-Manager and ImageJ plugin. The Pol-Acquisition plugin is a Micro-Manager plugin required for acquiring data. The Pol-Analyzer plugin is used to open, view and re-process the OpenPolScope datasets (few examples included).

The OpenPolScope Demo Installer only installs Pol-Analyzer. Pol-Acquisition is not included in this package.

Requirements: Micro-Manager, Fiji or ImageJ needs to be installed. Recommended version Micro-Manager 1.4.23 (Nightly Dec 01, 2020)
Current Version: 3.20b (05-26-2021) ChangeLog

Download Windows    ||   Download Mac       >>         Installation wizard       >>        Pol-Analyzer

Note: If you experience an update error with ImageJ please download ij.jar from this location and replace your existing ij.jar located in the installation folder.

Conditions of use
  • You are free to use this software for research purposes, but you should not redistribute it without our consent.
  • In addition, we expect you to include adequate citations and acknowledgments whenever you present or publish results that are based on it.

Installation wizard

The OpenPolScope software works with Micro-Manager, Fiji and ImageJ. However, for acquiring a dataset via Pol-Acquisition (Micro-Manager plugin) Micro-Manager is essential. The Pol-Analyzer (imageJ plugin) requires the basic Micro-Manager libraries in order to view and re-process datasets.

OpenPolScope Demo 1


For this example we use Fiji as our target

OpenPolScope Demo 2


When installing in Fiji or other ImageJ installations a scaled down version of MIcro-Manager is installed.

OpenPolScope Demo 3


A User manual introducing Polarization is included which is a good start to familiarize with terms.

OpenPolScope Demo 4


The OpenPolScope software is installed in the plugins folder. The Fiji and ImageJ variant also installs a copy of Micro-Manager.

OpenPolScope Demo 5


OpenPolScope Pol-Analyzer

Starting Pol-Analyzer

OpenPolScope Demo 6


Pol-Analyzer will initialize Micro-Manager first since it is required for viewing and re-processing.

OpenPolScope Demo 7


Since Pol-Analyzer requires data acquired using the Pol-Acquisition plugin select Cancel to use a Temporary directory.

OpenPolScope Demo 9


Pol-Analyzer interface should now initialize with default values.

OpenPolScope Demo 10


None should be selected when Micro-Manager initializes.

OpenPolScope Demo 8


For detailed description please refer to the Pol-Analyzer manual.

OpenPolScope Demo 11


To get started you can either create or load an existing dataset.

OpenPolScope Demo 12


Load an existing dataset.

OpenPolScope Demo 13


Create a dataset.

OpenPolScope Demo 131


Loaded view of a dataset.

OpenPolScope Demo 14


Synthetic dataset.

OpenPolScope Demo 141



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