Using Filter-Wheel instead of Liquid Crystal

OpenPolScope (Pol-Acquisition) software supports using a motorized Filter-Wheel instead of a Liquid Crystal device. Please be aware Filter-Wheel acquisition is substantially longer than LC and not recommended for time sensitive acquisitions.

For demonstration purpose this guide uses Micro-Manager's Demo adapter. Any Filter-Wheel device supported by Micro-Manager can be configured using the steps below.

The first step is to add the Filter-Wheel device using the Hardware Configuration Wizard.


To make Pol-Acquisition aware that the Filter-Wheel can be used as an OpenPolScope device we rename it as PolWheel.


Set a delay time appropriately based on the Filter-Wheel.


Once the configuration wizard is complete we can proceed to using it as an OpenPolScope device.
Continue by starting Pol-Acquisition from Micro-Manager's plugin menu.

Once Pol-Acquisition loads the screen below should be available under the FW-Device tab. The settings and panel is based on the Mode-Plugin selected, which is Fluorescence in this case.

Important: The linear polarizers setup in the Filter-Wheel need to correspond with the Setting buttons in the interface below.

Once all the linear polarizers have been set in the Filter-Wheel correctly, verify this by using the Check button and a linear polarizer test slide. The Orientation reported should correspond to the linear polarizer's orientation on the slide. Please contact us regarding further information if required.


Important: When using the Filter-Wheel with Birefringence Mode-Plugin the Filter-Wheel needs to be set up with elliptical polarizers that correspond with the swing that is to be used determined by the specimen being imaged. The setup to achieve this is quite complicated and not currently being supported. However, if you are still interested please contact us regarding further information.

All other functionality (including Reprocessing via Pol-Analyzer) of the OpenPolScope software remains the same irrespective of using Liquid Crystal or Filter-Wheel as the device for Acquisition.

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