Polarized Light Ray Tracing for Simulating Polarized Light Field Images

This webpage makes available simulation code for polarized light ray tracing written for Mathematica (Wolfram Research, Chicago, IL). The Notebook is a companion piece to the article entitled "The point spread function of the polarized light field microscope" by Mai Thi Tran and Rudolf Oldenbourg. In the article we present experimental results obtained with a polarized light microscope (LC-PolScope) equipped with a light field camera and compare them to numerical simulations obtained with computational methods collected in the Notebook. The numerical results are based on tracing polarized light rays through object space that is roughly 250µm * 700µm * 700µm and contains simulated birefringent sample objects. Typical sample shapes are small spheres, sheets, and rods, which populate object space and are represented by an array of voxels with uniaxial,  linear birefringence.

The Notebook was developed by Rudolf Oldenbourg and is extensively annotated, including text and graphics entries that describe the simulation framework.

The Notebook is open source and available for download by clicking here.

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