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Topics in Optics

The web pages under Topics in Optics provide information and learning material that is loosely connected to the course of the same name that Rudolf Oldenbourg and Shalin Mehta are teaching in the Physics Department at Brown University in the Fall Semester of 2013. The material is not comprehensive and each entry addresses a particular issue, without much introduction and context. As we expand the tutorials to include more topics, we hope the website will become more comprehensive and useful to the novice and experienced student alike.

In creating the web pages we are incorporating interactive content that is based on the "Computable Document Format" (CDF) from Wolfram Research. To take advantag of this format, the user needs to install the free CDFPlayer, which can be downloaded following instructions that automatically appear when attempting to use CDF content for the first time.

We welcome feedback and suggestions for improving the web pages and adding new material.



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